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Weybridge Hypnotherapy - Weybridge, Surrey



Weybridge Hypnotherapy - Weybridge, Surrey

Initial Consultation
Around 45 minutes

An initial consultation allows us to glean information about you and what you would like to achieve and includes an explanation of how the mind works and how we can achieve results together. If you are willing to change, we will get you where you need to be. Also includes a free relaxation audio recording. 

Weybridge Hypnotherapy - Weybridge, Surrey

Subsequent Sessions


Around 50 minutes


Following the initial consultation, hypnotherapy sessions will take place on a weekly basis. Sessions include being guided in to a state of focused attention to help you make positive changes quickly and effectively.

Quit smoking - Weybridge Hypnotherapy - Weybridge, Surrey

Smoking Cessation  


Around 90-120 minutes


The quit smoking session is a one off session which includes a free relaxation audio recording. If you are ready and willing to stop smoking, hypnotherapy will allow you to make that permanent change in your life.  

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life? 

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