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Weybridge Hypnotherapy - Weybridge, Surrey



Solution focused hypnotherapy can help with a number of conditions, many of which are symptoms of anxiety.

If yours is not listed and you are unsure whether I can help, just give me a call!

anxiety - Weybridge Hypnotherapy, Surrey


Feeling stressed or anxious? Have you got a general feeling of unease or are you worried about an exam, driving test or life event? Perhaps you are having panic attacks or suffering from other physical symptoms.......

Depression - Weybridge Hypnotherapy, Surrey


Do you struggle with every day life? Does it sometimes feel as if you're wading through treacle just to get through the day? Have you lost interest in the things you once enjoyed? 

Confidence - Weybridge Hypnotherapy, Surrey


Do you need confidence for a test, meeting or event that is imminent? Or are you lacking in general everyday confidence? We can help you identify and focus on your strengths, so you can build a life without self limiting beliefs.

Insomnia - Weybridge Hypnotherapy, Surrey


Are you struggling to get a good night's sleep? Are you irritable, unable to cope due to fatigue, and worried about your ability to sleep? Perhaps 3am is an all too familiar time for you.........

Lose weight - Weybridge Hypnotherapy, Surrey


Do you need the motivation to make necessary changes to help you lose weight? We can help with self sabotage or anxieties to start making better choices. This is a sustainble and healthy solution, not a quick fix. 

Pain - Weybridge Hypnotherapy, Surrey


Are you suffering from chronic pain that is stopping you living the life you want to lead? Together we can look at how the brain and body deal with pain and work towards gaining some coping strategies to enable you to live life to the full

Anger - Weybridge Hypnotherapy, Surrey


Do you often feel that your anger is out of control? Are you taking your frustrations out on loved ones? Would you like to lead a calmer and more relaxed life? 

Phobias - Weybridge Hypnotherapy, Surrey


Do you have an extreme or irrational fear that is a real problem for you? We can remove the negative template associated with that fear and replace it with positivity and confidence in how to respond to that previously negative situation.

Stop smoking - Weybridge Hypnotherapy, Surrey


Does smoking control your life? Are you fed up of smelling like an ashtray? We can help you kick the habit for good. Imagine how liberating that will be. Are you ready to make that change? 

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