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Weybridge Hypnotherapy - how to manage anxiety


If you’re suffering from crippling anxiety or stress that stops you doing the things you love, Weybridge Hypnotherapy can help.


‘I am confident, much less anxious, and I feel more myself than I have ever felt’



Anxiety/stress comes in many different shapes and sizes:


Health Anxiety

Work Stress


Performance Anxiety


Social Anxiety


These life limiting worries can cause all sorts of physical symptoms:


Nail biting



Skin conditions


Trichotillomania (hair pulling)

Skin picking


Panic Attacks 

And the list really does go on...

 Isn’t it incredible that our minds can cause such a variety of symptoms that can stop us doing the things we love?

Solution focused hypnotherapy can help!


Our stress response is a very effective tool should we be in life or death situations. However, this primitive part of our brain can often be too finely tuned for modern day. I can help you to manage your primitive mind so you react appropriately to given situations. Imagine being free of your life limiting worries and living a life that you want! 

My sessions are held in a calm, beautiful therapy room at the Bodymind Centre in the heart of Weybridge, Surrey. I combine positive psychotherapy techniques with hypnosis to create a relaxing, powerful and extremely effective therapy experience. 



‘I particularly enjoyed the explanation of how the brain works and why I had been feeling the way I had, which then made it easier for me to understand how to continue to guide my thought process going forward’

 Are you ready to enjoy life to the full again? 

Let's have a chat about what’s going on for you at the moment and how we can go about getting you to where you want to be.

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