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I'm fine

Updated: Apr 19

In honour of World Mental Health Day 2021 I thought I would write a poem on the theme of asking twice - a second 'how are you' can make all the difference....

'Yes thanks, I'm fine'

I hear myself using the same old line

When all I want to do is scream

Or shout or cry

So why do I always reply

With 'Yes thanks, I'm fine?'

'Are you ok?'

They often say

And I want to tell them no

I want them to understand

But it's easier if they just go

Away, so I just tell them that I'm fine

Fine! It's never really true

And it doesn't matter who

Is asking, that's my response

It's just my norm

And even though I'm torn

Apart, I always say I'm fine

But fine for me is not ok

Although I would never say

But maybe next time ask again

Because somehow maybe then

I'd know you'd know

That 'I'm fine' isn't always so

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