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Weybridge Hypnotherapy - how can I overcome anxiety


Weybridge Hypnotherapy - help with anxiety

 Hypnotherapist in Surrey
Specialising in Anxiety, Stress and Overwhelm
Solution Focused

I can help you manage your anxiety

 Is your anxiety holding you back?

Perhaps you are holding it together throughout the day, but waking up at 3am nightly

Are you catastrophising, over thinking or having panic attacks? 

Or perhaps you are struggling to get to sleep due to ruminating thoughts? 

Do you feel that you have lost yourself, don't recognise yourself or that nobody seems understand you? 

Are you ready to be free?

It takes a great deal of courage to even have clicked on this webpage, so I hope I can allay any of your fears or misconceptions about hypnotherapy. The most common fear is that I will do something to you or control you in some way. You are in control at all times and I cannot make you do anything you do not want to. Trance is simply like daydreaming and it just means I can give you some positive suggestions whilst you are in that highly alert state. It is in fact a lovely and relaxing experience, making this particular therapy extremely uplifting. 

Have a look at my video below, which should answer some of your questions, but if you’re still not sure, just give me a call. We can work out together whether it’s the right therapy for you. I want you to feel reassured and comfortable, so if you’d prefer to contact me on my contact page with any questions, please do.

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